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Wedding and Event Cinematographers

Co-founders of CastleBridge Films - Russ & Jenny Broadhead

CastleBridge Films (formally RB Studios) is the new Cinematic Wedding and Events division of RB Studios. With new vision coupled with our drive and passion we are taking what we’ve learned over the past decade and raising the bar to the next level in Wedding and Event Cinematography.
RB Studios specializes in product development projects such as Games, Educational & Instructional DVDs, Commercials, and more.

Russ & Jenny are passionate filmmakers with backgrounds in theater, graphic design, and film. They realized that their individual strengths complement each other and their unique perspectives combine to create truly memorable wedding films.

Because of the nature of creating films, they are only able to do a limited number of weddings per year. Please fill out their wedding form to see if they are available for your wedding day.

“We are excited to meet new couples with whom to share 2011, please contact us soon to reserve your wedding day. Even if we are unavailable to film your day, we would love to produce a Love Story or Daddy-Daughter Tribute for you to share at your dinner or reception.

For those of you that are not engaged yet we would love to film your proposal for free! Tell the man you are dating about this so we can be apart of the start of your journey. We look forward to meeting with you & congratulations!” says Russ.

Russ & Jenny Broadhead
CastleBridge Films
for Couples that Value Family
Email: info@castlebridgefilms.com

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