Dusty {+} Amanda // The Ledges of St. George // Wedding Day Highlight from CastleBridge Films on Vimeo.

Marc {+} Haidee Entrada Wedding from CastleBridge Films on Vimeo.

Locations: Stone Cliff Club House, LDS St. George Temple, St. George Carousel, Sun River River Walk Grill

Key Vendors:
Bridal Shop: Fantasy Bridal
Tuxedo Rental: Adrian’s
Cake: Sweet Cakes
Florist: Bloomers
Transportation: Dennis Rutoskie
DJ: Adam Rue – Festival Sounds
Photographer: Opiefoto
St. George Cinematographer: CastleBridge Films
SLC Cinematographer: David Perry Films
Wedding Coordinator: Michelle Williams
Luncheon Coordinator: Taylor Proctor – Taylor-Made Weddings & Events

Raleigh and Will wanted to do things a little different for their wedding. Having the reception the night before and the temple sealing the next day we were ready for two big days of filming. I was told that the bridal party would be going into the pool at the end of the reception. Being a little to preoccupied on what needed to be filmed that day I forgot to grab a towel and swimsuit so I went in clothes and all to capture a few clips of them jumping into the pool. (check out the credit at the end to see what we got)

When Loni’s sister Shawnee told us what Mark had planned, we knew we couldn’t miss it. We reserved our seats just a few rows behind where the proposal was going to take place. The theater was dark, the couple was waiting for the go ahead from Mark’s Brother. Shawnee makes the announcement that her sister is going to be proposed too after the movie so please stick around. The trailers start, the text is sent, in walks the couple but now one of their seats has been taken by some little kids. No worries they just take the two seats next to them. We all enjoy the movie and then the credit begin. With the camera assembled quickly and quietly we’re ready to begin, but Loni stands us to stretch and we hide the camera, turn and talk to our neighbor, and hope our cover hasn’t been blown. The coast is clear so we get setup again.
the credits finish and……….

push play to see what happens 😉

Location: The Gateway Theater – Salt Lake City, Utah
Cinematography: www.CastleBridgeFIlms.com

Music Licensed through “The Music Bed”
“Let Love Be” by Chelsea Lankes

Key Vendors:

Location: Entrada
Ring Ceremony Officiator: Steve Masefield – Zion Weddings
Cake: BK Cake Designers
Caterer: Entrada
Florist: Bloomers
DJ: Festival Sounds
Photographer: Gideon Photography
Cinematographer: CastleBridge Films
Wedding Coordinator: Laura Stagg – Forevermore Events
Hair and Make-up: Jaclyn Lamoreaux
Custom Designed Menus: Hey Hay Designs
Ring Ceremony Music: Snow Canyon Quartet

Let us introduce Photo Love Stories a team of two talented and fun Southern Utah photographers.

When Amy and Natasha contacted us they were excited to team up with CastleBridge Films and create a promotional film for their website. We scheduled to meet and brainstorm ideas for the project. Amy and Natasha we not too excited to be in front of the camera but they were great sports and did a great job sharing why they love what they do and what makes their company unique. After tons of bloopers 😉 we wrapped up day one.

Day two we went out to Bloomington Hills (just south of downtown St. George) and filmed a bridal shoot they were doing for Heather and Michael.

Day three we arrived at the Sunbrook reception center right before Heather and Michael arrived from their luncheon. We were again capturing Photo Love Stories in action as they documented the reception. Laura Stagg from Forevermore Events transformed the reception center into a vintage theme.

Some of the things we like about Photo Love Stories is that they have two photographers at every shoot, quick turn around, and have fun.

Shooting Locations:

Washington, Utah
St. George, Utah (Bloomington Hills area)
Sunbrook Reception Center

Anissa and Jason are a couple with lots of personality. It can sometimes be difficult to capture a couple’s true vibe on a photo shoot, but not with these two. If you can’t tell from the different faces Jason pulls, take it from Anissa’s constant laugh, this couple truly enjoys each others company. Thanks Gideon Photography for being such great filming partners and thanks to Anissa and Jason for allowing us to take part in their fun! This is part one of two.

Cinematography: CastleBridge Films

Photography: Gideon Photo

Music Licensed through “With Etiquette”
“Mile Marker” by Amy Seeley

Southern Utah Entrada Wedding

Photo by Gideon Photography

The vibrant red mountains of Southern Utah and the contrasting emerald greens of Entrada were the stunning backdrop for last weekends wedding of Lacy and Easton. The event was produced without a hitch (as always) by Laura Stagg of Forevermore Events which ensured that a good time was had by all. We always have a good time filming all our couples, but this wedding was that much more fun because we were able to really get to know this exciting couple before hand. Take the opportunity to watch their Couple Story to learn more about them as well (be sure to listen for the engagement story -christmas, cops, nerves – their story has it all).

Tell us what you like best!

Cinematography: CastleBridge Films
Engagement Photographer: Gideon Photography

Chad and Jaimie are an absolutely DARLING couple who met on a blind date (hooray for the SLC Brad Paisley concert!). With Chad in St. George and Jaimie going to school in Logan their respective families didn’t get to know them as a couple very well. It was with this in mind that we came up with the Couple Story. We took our traditional Love Story and changed the focus from their courtship to what makes them tick as individuals (Chad loves basketball and Jaimie tears it up on the soccer field), as well as what they love about each other. Their Couple Story was debuted at their wedding dinner the night before their wedding and was a hit with family and friends. We hope you enjoy it as well (be sure to stay for the last 2 minutes to see them as they truly are :).

We had an amazing time with Tyler and Marlee as we traveled around Southern Utah for their Engagements/ Save the Date shoot. Jimmy Bishop from Gideon Photography did an amazing job on their photos.