Strengthening Families

Vulnerability Creates Connection

Being vulnerable allows us to connect to other people at a deeper level. Connecting to people at a deeper level will serve to increase our happiness as we feel the joy of understanding and being understood. Connecting to people also allows us to find purpose to our lives. Still, there are people in the world […]

Attachment: Connecting & Building Relationships

Attachment and bonding has been a subject I have long been interested in. The techniques of attachment have been employed in various forms of therapy, specifically when working with adoption. I believe if parents understood how attachment occurs they would understand better why their role is so vital in the lives of their children. Attachment […]


Learn how to apply some communication principles to Strengthen your relationships.

How can I strengthen my family?

We are pleased to announce our new Strengthening Families section on our website. This is where you can find articles, tips, and ideas that can help strengthen your relationships and marriage. Our featured contributor is Loni Kennington of Salt Lake City, Utah. Loni and Mary Poppins have found that they have much in common. Being […]

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