The Gateway Theater Proposal // Salt Lake City // The Vow

When Loni’s sister Shawnee told us what Mark had planned, we knew we couldn’t miss it. We reserved our seats just a few rows behind where the proposal was going to take place. The theater was dark, the couple was waiting for the go ahead from Mark’s Brother. Shawnee makes the announcement that her sister is going to be proposed too after the movie so please stick around. The trailers start, the text is sent, in walks the couple but now one of their seats has been taken by some little kids. No worries they just take the two seats next to them. We all enjoy the movie and then the credit begin. With the camera assembled quickly and quietly we’re ready to begin, but Loni stands us to stretch and we hide the camera, turn and talk to our neighbor, and hope our cover hasn’t been blown. The coast is clear so we get setup again.
the credits finish and……….

push play to see what happens 😉

Location: The Gateway Theater – Salt Lake City, Utah

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4 Responses to “The Gateway Theater Proposal // Salt Lake City // The Vow”
  1. Russ you are AMAZING! Thank you so much for putting this together for us! We are so thankful for your talent and that you took the time to drive up and film this moment in our lives. We will cherish this forever. SDLY!

  2. Loni Kennington everything was perfect! The movie was great but we liked what happened after the credits a whole lot better 😉 Congratulations again on your engagement!